Hannah Burton

My work functions as a lens to explore themes of the supernatural, ritual and the cycle of life and death. I'm heavily influenced by superstition, the natural world, and the human relationship we develop with the world and people around us.

Exploring the supernatural means digging into lore and superstition in the communities I encounter and being in tune with my own encounters with the spiritual and unseen realms that exist past our vision. I strive to explore the line where superstitions are encountered in real lives and how that line blurs weather that line exists through true supernatural means or, has a scientific explanation.

Location and practice are two of the most important things to ritual. The work is like practicing a ritual. By using elements in my work that reference nature I am diving into the natural process’s growth and decay. It is important for me to document these moments because, it is a way for me to ritualistically connect and show homage to the earth and phases of my life that I have found impactful and important for my own development as a person.